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DO YOU NEED TO BE SAVED? Learn what it means in this brief prayer after a sermon from one pastor..

I believe the Holy Spirit is going to speak to your heart and give you an opportunity to invite Jesus into your life tonight. And I’m telling you something:

It has nothing to do with church.

It has nothing to do with being one of those religious Jesus freaks (although welcome to the club, because I’m one).

It has nothing to do with being religious.

It has EVERYTHING to do with putting your trust and faith in the LORD Jesus Christ, knowing that He came to this earth, that He lived a perfect life, that He died on the cross, and on the third day He rose again.

And when you believe that, acknowledge that, and repent of your sins God does a work, a transforming work in your life and you become born again.

You don’t join a born again church - You become born again - Then you come to (his church) and enjoy fellowship with brothers and sisters who love Jesus.

This is part of a sermon from Calvary Chapel Spring Valley, although I have a few pastors I enjoy streaming I find this church is particularly great.